The Turin Institute of the Deaf provides a wide and articulated individualized educational service at schools, at home and where children and young Deaf people live, even for those with associated disabilities.

The service is powered on the whole regional territory and in the nearby Lombardia, under the agreement or accreditation with the managing bodies of the social-assistance functions: inter-municipal consortia, municipalities, mountain communities, health providers.

The educational service is conducted by qualified and specialized educators in full compliance with the methodological guidelines expressed by the family, in collaboration with other social and health care workers and according to the integrated approach proposed by the ICF classification.

The territorial educational services are also realized in favor of:

·         Deaf adults with special needs related to socialization, indipendent living and work placement;

·         minors with specific disorders in language and communication, with the aim of identifying or enhancing a shared communication code with family, peer groups and operators;

·         blind or partially sighted, also multi-disabled, minors and adults regarding autonomous assistance interventions in the field of sensory disabled services;

·         minors and adults with genetic syndromes associated with sensory disabilities (Charge syndrome, Waanderburg syndrome, Husher's syndrome).