The Turin Institute for the Deaf  has long been engaged in an intense process of internationalization of its activities and projects. Dealing with colleagues from foreign institutions with similar aims, sharing experiences and research projects, building long-lasting exchange pathways are in fact a necessary incentive to our growth and training.

From 2016 the Turin Institute forthe Deaf is involved in:

DISPLAY Development of innovation in play-based learning and teaching activities for disadvantaged students
European Project that involves the schools for the deaf of Konya (Turkey)  and Madrid (Spain) and two English Universities, besides the Turin Institution for the Deaf.

- HORIZON Cosme Visit4u  about the touristic accessibility of people with disability. The partners involved are from United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Latvia.
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Spaces for Intercultural Learning
Six partners coordinated by Kansalaisfoorumi (Citizens’ Forum) in Helsinki, Finland. The project's aim is the promotion of intercultural competences: sensitiveness, cooperation and intercultural learning, global citizenship, dialogue, respect, identity. These are only some of the key concepts identified by the partners about which they will work for the overcoming of the differences and the stimulation of a more active and aware citizenship.


From 2015 the Turin Institute for the Deaf is involved in two new European projects:
- an Erasmus+ KA1 project Being a hearing impaired person isn't an obstacle in a hearing world whose coordinator is Konya elçuklu adnan akgül özel eğitim meslek lisesi, Turkey. Project Number 2015-1-TR-KA101-017857
- an HORIZON Cosme project visit4u about touristic accessibility with partners from United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria and Latvia.

From 2014, the Turin Institute for the Deaf is engaged in three projects in the European Projects Area ERASMUS+:

1. Deaf Students and the Inclusive Challenge in Europe 
The project is leaded by the Secondary School of Malaga “La Rosaleda” and it has the Groningen Institutes for Deaf (Netherland), Varsaw, Istanbul and Ismir as partners. It offers a space of study and comparison about the theme of school inclusion of deaf students and about the future of the Sign Language in the age of cochlear implants. 
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2. Integration of People with Disabilities through learning
The project is leaded by Reus Federacion Mestral (Catalonia) and it wants to achieve training and informational products about disability, so that they can be used both in academic area for the formation of workers and in orientation and professional formation for people with disability.
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3. WOW - we are overcoming the walls of silence with ICT
The project involves some prestigious Turkish and English institutions and it has the aim of exchange good practices in order to have use ICT technologies in more aware way for the education of deaf people.
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Other projects.

The Project DEAFLI - Deaf Literacy (2014-2016)  
Funded under the EU centralized Grundtvig-GMP, has as partners the University of Barcelona, the University of Klagenfurt and the University College of London. The aim is to provide a tool for deaf adult literacy, both in e-learning, whether in a printed manual. 
The Project ABRIEBDO PUERTAS - Competencias clave en una sociedad del conocimento (2013-2015) 
Funded under the Grundtvig program of the European Union, the mobility of teachers and students for adult education, the project involves 7 educational centers in nine countries: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Greece and Turkey.
Project VOICE OF DEAF (2012-13) 
Financed by the European Union, in the framework of mobility exchange Comenius.
Partner: Istanbul Public School for the Deaf.
Project ACTrain (2010-2013)
Financed by the European Union in the framework of Leoanrdo Da Vinci project.
Partners:  the disability company Ozara  (Maribor - Slovenia), the University Institute of Rehabilitation   (Lubiana Slovenia), the Klagenfurt University  (Austria), the HRDC (Patrasso - Grecia), the research project Prava Poteza (Maribor - Slovenia) and  Die Querdenker Private Research Centre (Linz - Austria).
Project Charge Syndrome (2009-2011)
Partially supported by Fondazione CRT, we get a high specific training on Charge Syndrome and deaf-blindness working together the Deafblind Program of Perkins School for the Blind (, in Watertown (Boston, Massachusets)
Project Mir (2003-2010)
From 2003 to 2010 we supported in Scutari (North of Albania) a programm for deaf students of that town.