The Alumni Association was established in 1973, based in the Institute, in Viale San Pancrazio n. 65, Pianezza (TO).

The activities of the association are:

-  assist former students when they leave school and help them to integrate into society;

-  promote the mutual material and moral support;

- organize social gatherings with lunch, study days,cultural conferences,  evening classes, tours, in order to avoid isolation and developping exchange of ideas and friendship;

The membership dues for the year 2013 is € 10 for all deaf and hard of hearing.

Registrants will receive the quarterly newsletter "News Uexas."

The Board elected consists of:

President: Luciano CANDELA

Secretary: Sergio SUTTO

Treasurer: Leonardo ALTOMANO

Councillor: Salvatore ANZA ' and Giuseppe Lipani

Spiritual Advisor: Father Antonio LORETI

To contact the Board of the Association write: