What is L.I.S.?

The LIS is just one of the many sign languages ​​in the world.
Contrary to what you might believe, sign languages ​​are not pantomime, are true languages ​​in all respects, with their own grammar and syntax, and are used daily by many deaf people.
Deaf people who use sign languages as their mother tongue claim to belong to the Deaf Community and feel embody in the values ​​of the deaf culture.

Our  L.I.S.classes

Since 1996 we organize  L.I.S. classes, with deaf teachers, open to all who are interested in learning about the language and the culture of deaf people who use sign language as their mother tongue.
The aim of our classes is to give the students the basic skills for a simple conversation with people who are deaf signers.
Our courses are aimed particularly at teachers, educators, social workers, parents and relatives of deaf people.

We also organize courses at the request of schools, hospitals and health care companies, cooperatives and agencies, with programs scheduled as needed.

The Institute is accredited subject at a national level to the Ministry of Education, University and Research, for the training of school workers.

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