To contact us by telephone:

Administrative offices, schools, library and speech therapy:
Phone: 011.9676317
Fax: 011.9677048
Sms and whatsapp: 338.6325157
Casa dei Decibel: 011.9671341 
Fax: 011.9677048

To contact us by mail:

General Information: [email protected]

Administration: Silvia Pettigiani, [email protected]

Casa dei Decibel: Cristina Artusio, [email protected]
Speechtherapy center: Gemma Loi, [email protected]
Training courses and Sign Language: Enrica Maglione, [email protected]
Management and library: Enrico Dolza, [email protected]
Territorial Educational: Luisa Accardo, [email protected]
Former students of the Institute: Luciano Candela, [email protected]
Socio-rehabilitation Laboratories and daily center: Marianna Luca, [email protected]
Kindergarten: Roberta Fiore, Rosa Policaro and Elena Struppa, [email protected]
BioAgriDeaf, cafeteria and kitchen: Alessandro Cararo, Marianna Luca e Marco Vozza, [email protected]org
Assistance to communication, metropolitan city of Milano: Luisa Accardo e Enrico Dolza. [email protected]
European Projects: Carolina Carotta and Enrico Dolza, [email protected]

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