BioAgriDeaf is an innovative project of the Turin Institute for the Deaf that intends to act as job placement for d/Deaf people in agriculture and catering. It is a new business, thought after the training path made by a large group of young d/Deaf people in recent years in cooking classes, bar, reception, accommodation and in agriculture. It intends to organize the services and goods of the Institute for the Deaf, and make them not only more competitive, but also socially useful according to its statutory aims, including the accompaniment to independent living.

BioAgriDeaf, run by former deaf students and some of their teachers and educators already manages indoor café Institute and farmland, always owned by the Institute, located in the Municipality of San Gillio.

The goal is to offer a quality service, using biological products at zero kilometer, with a focus on artisan companies of the territory, and giving job opportunities to disadvantaged people.

The activities are carried out in the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and in accordance with Law 68/99 for the right of people with disabilities to work.
On the model of "transition enterprises" present in various European countries, BioAgriDeaf is a commercial service market-oriented and able to self-renew.