Our library is specialized on d/Deafness and the material that we possess concerns  exclusively this field of study.

In order to know the books held by the library, you can make your search on the two major online catalogs to which we subscribe and in particular:

Librinlinea: the regional OPAC (online public access catalog) that allow specific researches on books and magazines held by the libraries participating to the Piedmont pole of the National Library Service (SBN).

Internetculturale: the portal promoted by the General Direction for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes (DGBLIC) of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and implemented by the Central Institute for the Unique Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information (ICCU). It provides access to the National Library Service, historical catalogs and specialized ones.


The Institute’s library has a free WI-FI connection and a reading room with 20 seats.

The support and counseling service is available in Italian, English and Italian Sign Language.

Capital owned till 31.12.2016 consists of 3,784 titles inventoried (lot of material is going to be cataloged and some other is non-cataloged material). About  the inventoried titles:

- 426 ancient books;
- 2,195 modern volumes;
- 225 magazines.

Special Funds:
- Theses and dissertations on Deafness (153 theses);
- Decio Scuri  Fund (724 volumes);
- Caproni Library Fund (61 volumes).

Guided tours
In the library you can find a permanent exhibition of historical and cultural materials on the Institute, on the history of the d/Deaf and on their education, but also on the ancient bookbinding laboratory and typography that worked from the end of '800 up to' 60 of the '900.

Free guided tours are available (in Italian, English and LIS) on request and by appointment.


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